Project Manager Salary: Your 2023 Guide

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The size of the project itself is another key piece that may help shape your salary. Projects worth large amounts of money often offer higher salaries to project managers. They help businesses keep track of multiple assignments, deliverables and deadlines. A project manager must excel as a communicator and motivator, able to juggle multiple tasks and keep cool under pressure. Salaries in project management vary widely based on experience level, certifications earned, past performance and the state in which you work. A PMP certification is often preferred or recognized for promotions and career advancement.

How much do project managers make

The quickest path toward a project management career is to earn at least an undergraduate degree in management. This provides a background in crucial areas of management and human resources and strengthens crucial communication skills. Some requirements for this position vary and depend on the company and industry to which the person applies. Most prospective project managers also seek out some type of internship while achieving a master’s degree. Real world experience helps bridge the gap between studying and practice, and certain skills can only be learned through on-the-job training.

Primary Responsibilities of a Project Manager

Smartsheet has automatic update requests, and can be used for waterfall and agile projects, product launch, sprint planning, and more. The resource management feature provides users the visibility who is busy, and who is not, in real-time. They can also attach files, share sheets, get notified, view the activity log, export, email, and print. The highest average salary for project managers project manager courses with over 20 years’ experience is $162,672 a year in Switzerland. At 10–15 years, Switzerland, Australia, Germany, and the United States remain the highest payers, with project managers earning over $100,000. But once project managers accumulate over 15 years’ experience, professionals from Hong Kong, Ireland, the Netherlands, Qatar, United Arab Emirates (UAE), and the U.K.

How much do project managers make

As mentioned, your salary may also rise or drop based on the company you work for. The responsibilities involved and budget constraints vary greatly from one company to the next, so it makes sense that Project Managers’ salaries vary with them. But, your salary will vary greatly depending on the company you’re with and the area in which you work. Mr. Wara said that Hawaiian Electric could have established a power shut-off program in consultation with local authorities and emergency services. In California, after warning residents and local officials, utilities shut off power when high winds approach to reduce the chance that power lines will ignite fires.

Best Project Management Software for 2023

Project management salaries within the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields are especially high due to the rapid growth and demand in these industries. In fact, 93 percent of STEM jobs offer wages well above the national average, and the national median salary for all STEM positions is almost double the average wage for non-STEM roles. “If, for example, a company is looking for a construction project manager, having (construction management) experience will likely positively impact salary negotiation.” Herzing University’s bachelor’s degree in project management equips you with the knowledge and tools to qualify for entry-level jobs in project management and excel as a truly new you. Earn dual credit towards a project management MBA program and work to become a Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA) or Project Management Professional (PMP). Below you’ll find a table of all average project manager annual wages for all 50 states.

How much do project managers make

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